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  •                   Sleep Study Reporting Service                  
    Gather valuable information
    Provide patients with a timely and highly accurate service
  •             Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation            
    Populate quick, secure and confidential report
    Enabling the swift delivery of diagnosis and treatment

Welcome To TERMINAL CONTACTS - We Place You

At Terminal Contacts, we believe people are our greatest, with positive attitude and professional aptitude. Our objective is to hire the best, keeping in mind the company's present activities and future growth.

IT Staffing

Staff your needs for contract personnel, across a wide range of skills, technology and industry expertise. Address requirements where multiple technical...

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Recruitment Training

We offer End to End recruitment training to companies across various sectors and also to Recruitment companies apart from individuals looking at recruitment as career.

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Sleep Study Reporting

Terminal Contacts provides comprehensive Sleep Disorder Diagnostic services worldwide which follow HIPPA rules that provides data privacy and security provisions...

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Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation Service

Improve Patient Outcomes and Simplify Diagnosis & Management of cardiac monitoring by partnering with Terminal Contacts...

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Terminal Contacts has transitioned to customers over 300 of its technical resources in US and India. Simply put, a core competence of Terminal Contacts has been identifying, assessing, and providing outstanding technology professionals who match effectively our clients' stated IT requirements, anywhere in the world.

Terminal Contacts utilizes its Global Staffing Model with the help of its People, Process, and Tools (PPT) framework to maintain consistent Quality, Price and Service.

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