Our Strength

Our Strength

Terminal Contacts has transitioned to customers over 300 of its technical resources in US and India. Simply put, a core competence of Terminal Contacts has been identifying, assessing, and providing outstanding technology professionals who match effectively our clients' stated IT requirements, anywhere in the world. Terminal Contacts utilizes its Global Staffing Model with the help of its People, Process, and Tools (PPT) framework to maintain consistent Quality, Price and Service.

Access to a large pool of IT professionals through our Global Network who are usually travel ready and location agnostic. Our network of global IT professionals come with wide range of skills, technology and industry expertise.

Also, we have time-tested, recruitment processes and methodologies in place. Two recruitment phases that generally proceed in parallel:

  • "Active Recruitment," an ongoing process where we constantly increase our talent pool.
  • "Need-specific Recruitment," proceeds in response to specific "Resource Request Forms"

Our Global Delivery Model facilitates quick ramp up and ramp down of resources, reducing overheads and improving productivity.

Dedicated Account Management and Resource Management Staff:
We commit dedicated staff to fulfill your requirements quickly, efficiently, and with quality, providing guaranteed customer satisfaction – A strong team of well-trained and qualified staff, specialized in Staff Augmentation, including:

  • Recruiters with in-depth technical expertise, strong market presence, and dedication to understand the nuances of client needs and the intricacies of a correct match;
  • SMEs who get involved in the screening process in case of high-skilled recruitments;
  • • Dedicated Account Managers, who meet with hiring managers to fully qualify and understand the Client requirements and issues; and
  • Delivery Managers, who oversee recruiters, coordinate and ensure that qualified resources are selected to match the requirements.